"Russian Logistics Company" provides rail transportation of import, export and domestic goods. For objective reasons, it turned out that the most cost-effective are railway freight. A significant advantage is the fact that the railway transport does not affect seasonality. Thus, the train speed is not dependent on weather conditions, and pricing - the time of year.

Rail freight beneficial for many reasons. Railway transportation permit, including transportation of cargo to produce large volumes and weights (OOG). In addition, the railway transportation in Russia have a relatively low cost, especially long distances. A high level of safety and security of cargo makes rail more attractive to customers.

"Russian Logistics Company" provides all kinds of railway transportations, authorized for carriage of JSC "Russian Railways" (RZD). One of the main types of freight is container rail freight, guarantees the safety of the cargo as well as the acceleration of the loading / unloading. Covered railway wagons (including refrigerator wagons) and special platforms for OОG services are traditional modes for the railway.

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